Make a SORN: Statutory Off Road Notification.

If you are registered as the vehicle’s keeper you can make a Statutory

Off Road Notification. You need your reference number on your V5C

registration certificate, V11 or V85/1 reminder form.

In case you are recently registered or not yet

registered you have to make an application by


Important points you need to be aware of

vehicle online service

Before you start

Other possibilities to apply


When you need to make a SORN

If you do not use or keep your vehicle on a public road (deposit,

garage parking, and others), you do not have to buy a tax disc,

but you are obliged to make a SORN.

Your vehicle has to remain in Great Britain, otherwise you are

not able to make a SORN.

If you purchase a vehicle which already has a

Statutory Off Road Notification from its previous keeper, the SORN will finish once you buy the

vehicle. You will have to make a new SORN.
To be sure about the status of your vehicle, check any vehicle’s SORN

status online



For not making a Sorn when you should have made, you will be fined

£80. In case you get a County Court Judgement against you, there are

fines of a minimum of £1,000. So be aware.


For motor Traders

Motor traders can be without making a SORN on a vehicle in case all

points below are appropriate:

you are only temporarily the keeper (until you sell it)

you keep it off the road (except to and from a licensed station for a prearranged MOT, identity check for vehicles and weight or emissions


it is being taxed

you are a motor trader for Statutory Off Road Notification. purposes in

case you are a:

* motor dealer

* vehicle dismantler

* finance company licensed to temporarily hold a vehicle (following an

order for repossession).

* motor auctioneer


Using the vehicle again on the road

In case you wish to use the vehicle again on the road, you have to get a

tax disc.


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